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Designed by the aquatic experts at Counsilman-Hunsaker, HydroApps cloud-based documentation system helps track pool tests, daily checklists, staff certifications, team performance, and more.

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Ditch the paper, and dive into digital with HydroApps™!

HydroApps’ comprehensive, single platform cloud-based applications are designed and made by aquatic professionals, for aquatic professionals to help your pool run better by lowering risk, reducing your costs, and enhancing safety at your facility. Plus, as an AOAP Member, you'll save 15% on all HydroApps purchases.

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Meet HydroApps' all-in-one solution for aquatic professionals just like you.

Facility Manager

Pool Chemistry Monitoring, Risk Management, and Code Compliance Tracking

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Lifeguard Manager

Improve Staff Training and Readiness by Tracking In-Service, Certifications, and Skill Observations

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Schedule Manager

A Dynamic Scheduling Application to Collect Availability, Schedule Staff, and Track Labor

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Pool Test


Accurate Pool Chemistry Recording, Easy to Interpret Reporting for Enhanced Accountability

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HydroApps makes capturing the right information easy and efficient with both pre-built and configurable forms based on industry standards and best practices to bring your aquatic recordkeeping into the cloud. With over 22 unique features on a single platform, HydroApps lets you focus on what's really important: the safety of your guests, the success of your programs, and the sustainability of your facility.

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If you didn't record it, did it even happen?

At HydroApps, we know that swimmer safety is your number one priority, and you have processes and guidelines in place to track safety compliance items, chemical tests, staff certifications and in-service, and even incident reports and maintenance. Together with the AOAP, we promote enhanced risk management, water safety, and drowning prevention to serve and enrich the aquatic experience.

  • Why Change?

    HydroApps makes capturing the right information easy and efficient with both pre-built and configurable forms, based on industry standards and best practices, to bring your aquatic record-keeping into the cloud. With over 22 unique features living together on a single platform, HydroApps lets you focus on what's really important: the safety of your guests and team, the success of your programs, and the sustainability of your facility.

  • What would it cost you to close for a day?

    Facilities can expect to lose almost $5,000 a day if they are forced to close. That includes an estimated $1,800 in gate admissions, $1,600 in concessions revenue, and $1,350 in program and party revenue.

    *Based on a 10 hour day. Revenue example provided by an actual HydroApps customer.

  • How can AOAP members save on HydroApps?

    HydroApps and the Association of Aquatic Professionals support aquatic professionals in making a positive impact on their communities through the use of HydroApps. As part of our partnership with AOAP, members may receive 15% off all HydroApps purchases by providing their members-only coupon code, available through the AOAP Members Portal.

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  • Ryan Kozlowski

    Facility and Lifeguard Manager has made our first year of operation stress-free! Management is able to track certifications, audits, and in-services with ease! Pool chemicals can be checked off site with the web-based program which has allowed our maintenance team to be much more efficient. Could not have asked for a more useful program in our aquatics department.

    Ryan Kozlowski, Meridian Ranch Recreation Center, CO

  • Alan Walker

    Our facility uses HydroApps and it has been amazing! The chemical log features have saved us time and headaches. We can complete any of the forms from our phone, tablet, or computer, and do so quickly. Pulling and selecting reports is fast and professional with a clean printable report. Even the injury incident forms have been a life-saver! No more shifting through files of reports. We will never go back to our old way of tracking! HydroApps has saved us!!

    Alan Walker, Lindon Aquatics Center

  • Bryan Gentilini

    Our Health Inspector is thrilled that we can pull a report regarding all of our pool closures and all the information is in one place. As an administrator I receive email confirmations whenever an accident/injury, pool closure, or check list form is finalized, which means I can always be in the know, wherever I am! Tracking and storing our accident/injury forms is as easy as searching by date, location and type of injury. There is no longer a need to print and file them away! Each water quality report outlines the measures required to remedy the issue, which makes for quick and efficient chemical additions when necessary. We [also] enjoy that our staff can take pictures of anything that may need attention, and we are notified immediately if something does need attention.

    Bryan Gentilini, Town of Parker, CO

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